Unclogging Services

Are you having a clogged or slow-moving drain at your home, office or business? Then worry no more because you have come to the right place. At Pasadena Plumbing Experts, we have served the city for a long time with all kinds of unclogging services. We have a team of highly trained and experienced plumber technicians. Therefore if you are having a clogged toilet, sinks, sewer lines, call us now on (323) 922-4437. We always deliver quality and value at its best.

Why choose our services?

We are the best in the city, we offers all kinds of unclogging services anytime any day whether it’s on weekends or holiday, we are readily available. Our technicians use the latest technologies and industry-leading tools and equipment. Therefore all the unclogging services are done in the most efficient manner with no unnecessary damages. We will also never keep a customer waiting, a plumbing problem is not something to delay because the problem could get worse.


We provide exceptional customer service and value

At Pasadena Plumbing Experts, our priority number one is customer satisfaction and value. The plumbing technicians we send to you are not only competent but also friendly and respectful. We never keep our customers waiting, we respond in time and get started solving the problem within the shortest time possible. We additionally take a lot of pride from the many positive reviews we receive from our customer about our exceptional customer services

Some of the common unclogging services we offer

We offer a wide variety of unclogging services. Some of our common unclogging services include Unclogging sinks and drains, clogged tubes, showers, clogged toilet s and clogged sewer lines. We also offer emergency unclogging services.

24 Hour Unclogging Services


Emergency unclogging services

Our plumbing systems will at some point break down without giving us notice. This can give us a lot of stress that nobody deserves. That is the reason why we are also dedicated 24/7 to provide our customers with emergency unclogging services. We are affordable and readily available at all times. So, don’t allow yourself to get stuck while your assistance is one call away.